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Christmas Jumper day @ Anna Scholz

December 12th, 2014 2:23 pm

Christmas jumper day as got us all in the Christmas spirit here at Anna Scholz. You can donate to the charity Save the Children by  text, phone or online. Visit the website here .

The Fashion industry and Positive body Image

December 9th, 2014 5:03 pm

Anna was recently invited to The London College of Fashion to participate in a lecture conducted by her close friend and LCF lecturer Andrew Tucker.  Also on the panel was body activist and fashion industry expert Caryn Franklin.

Opening the lecture with observations from the past, the conversations led off by discussing how the fashion industry contributes to body image and how it can take responsibility for changing how people view the way they look.  It was noted how Fashion is a powerful carrier of messages towards shaping peoples personal identity and self-esteem.

Today’s consumers are very diverse and each customer wants a different experience from each item that they buy and as such it was argued that the ideals promoted within the fashion industry need to be more diverse so that customers can relate to them. There have been many experiments conducted (article here) to prove the theory that customers are more likely to purchase an item when they can relate to the race, size, even hair colour of the model displaying the item. Caryn was quick to mention that on average we’re subjected to 1500 images daily. Our brain naturally normalises what we see, which makes us believe what we’re viewing is right and natural, which as we know isn’t always the case. This can trigger self-esteem issues and a feeling of a lack of body confidence in some people as they feel that they do not look like the images that they are led to believe are the norm. This can also put some consumers off purchasing as they feel that they have nothing in common with the image.

The topic of fashion photo shoots featured strongly in the discussion and the way they can stimulate engagement with the item or the brand by creating a desirable fantasy for the reader. Anna mentioned that she felt that photo shoots give the reader the opportunity to enter the realms of their own imagination. Whereas on the negative side some consumers can become focussed only on the body shapes that are shown in the shoots and feel that they are an ideal that they should aim for rather than celebrating their own shape and in extreme circumstances this can lead to feelings of low self-esteem related to body issues.

The power of celebrity magazines and tabloids newspapers was discussed and the ways that they can contribute to negative body thoughts. When these magazines show images of celebrities that they state either, look good or look bad they appeal to the readers want to look like the  ‘ Good looking ‘ celebrity – The reader chooses a body image to aspire to without being shown a middle ground alternative showing a celebrity with a regular body shape. The magazines use these powerful ‘ Good looking ‘ images to try and establish a connection with their reader who wants to look ‘ good ‘ rather than normal. It was discussed that this can be manipulative and that these magazines and tabloids should take some responsibility and promote for acceptance of all body shapes

Caryn then took us back to the 1980’s and mentioned the brand Body Map. In 1985 this revolutionary brand shocked both press and buyers alike at London Fashion Week by using family members and models of different race and sizes on the catwalk. Caryn told us that the attitude towards bodies and women was completely different back in that decade, she felt that women and women’s bodies weren’t objectified and they weren’t asking for anyone’s approval. You could be who you wanted to be and women showed this through their personalities and their body language. It was suggested that in today’s society women are quick to feel that the fashion industry is judging them and the way they look. The fashion industry can create pressure for women to look a certain way and certainly can make them question who they really are.

The lecture went on to say that whilst the emancipation of women’s body image may not be as strong as it had been in the 1980’s , there have been glimmers of change recently. Mark Fast’s London Fashion Week show for his A/W collection in 2010, hit the headlines when he added three plus size models to the line-up. Vogue Italia featured three plus size models on the front cover with a full editorial fashion shoot for their June 2011 issue. The High Street is also making steps in trying to change the industry with Debenhams showcasing size 16 mannequins in their stores (see previous post for more info.) additionally There have certain measures implemented in the fashion industry to combat and control what we see on the catwalk, for instance some of the recommendations of The Model Health Inquiry which were implemented by the British Fashion Council and apply to every model at London Fashion week. Models under 16 were banned from the catwalk and healthy and nutritious food is mandatory for all workers backstage.

In conclusion it was felt that although there is a long way to go , some small steps have been taken to improve how the fashion industry can promote better body image.

We feel that with industry professionals like Anna, Caryn and Andrew trying to make body attitudes more positive within the fashion world , to try and change how people see and accept themselves and to detach the negative stigma of the fashion industry, we can only hope others are inspired and the people of the future in fashion can carry on these positive messages.

New Years Eve Celebrations

November 25th, 2014 5:13 pm

So Christmas is only a month away which means New Year’s Eve isn’t far behind. So you can celebrate and welcome in the New Year in style, we’ve made a list of things to do up and down the country. Plan ahead so you’re not disappointed and end 2014 with friends and family.

London – NYE Fire Work display

In the past few years the popularity of London’s New Year’s Eve firework display has rocketed and ever increasing numbers have been turning up to see the spectacle live. So many, in fact, that this year for the first time the show is to be ticketed. The £10 cost will go towards the cost of safety and administration. Of course you may ask, why do I have to pay for something others and I have enjoyed for free? Well Boris argues that the 100,000 ticket holders will all get a decent view as well as a safe night out (apparently 500,000 people turned up last year and the huge crowds are becoming a worry as you can imagine). You can book up to four tickets from noon on Friday September 26 at Or plan to watch the action live and free on telly.

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is one of the biggest and best New Year celebrations in the world. Things get underway on 30 December with the spectacular Torchlight Procession. Join thousands of torch carriers as they create a river of fire from the historic Royal Mile to the son et lumiére and fireworks finale on Calton Hill. On Hogmanay itself, the action moves to Princes Street in the very heart of the city of Edinburgh beneath the spectacular backdrop of Edinburgh Castle. Around 80,000 people party their way into the new year at the Concert in the Gardens featuring incredible live music From Lilly Allen and entertainment, DJ’s, giant screens, outdoor bars and of course, the world-famous Edinburgh Hogmanay Midnight Fireworks on the castle ramparts.

And if you need something to clear your head the morning after, why not take part in the (literally) breathtaking Loony Dook, the annual splash in the River Forth at South Queensferry. Take part in the Dookers Parade through the High Street before taking the plunge in the freezing Forth with the iconic Forth Bridges as a backdrop. And don’t forget your fancy dress!

Tickets are now on sale for Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations.

Allendale Tar Barl Ceremony, Northumberland

The pretty little town of Allendale in Northumberland, blazes into the new year (literally) with a Pagen fire festival that lights up the midnight sky. The local townsmen, or “guisers”, march towards a ceremonial bonfire carrying whiskey barrels filled with burning tar, clad in Pagan costumes and chanting “Be Damned to He Who Throws Last”. As they toss the barrels into the bonfires, the flames get wilder and cheers get louder. It’s an incredible spectacle and a great night for everybody in the town.

Cardiff Calennig Celebrations

The Welsh capital city has its very own name for its New Year celebrations. ‘Calennig’, which literally means ‘first day of the month’, is always a fun, family friendly occasion, culminating in a fantastic firework finale to start off the new year with a bang.. Enjoy the magic of Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland, party to music in the civic centre and soak up the atmosphere as the spectacular firework finale brings in 2014. There is a free Cardiff bus service from 7.30pm until 2am to ensure you get in and out the city safely.

Newquay Night Out

Newquay is known for its festive nightlife and New Years Eve is no exception. It’s local custom for everybody to get dressed up and take to the streets for a night on the town. The local pubs, restaurants and clubs are ready for the big one, offering great specials on food and booze for the crowds that descend. Central square is where everybody gathers to catch a glimpse of the fireworks show.

Newcastle Winter Carnival

It’s Newcastle’s turn this year for its moment in the spotlight as it gets ready to welcome Rugby World Cup 2015. Celebrate the arrival of 2015 and a year of rugby in Newcastle with a brand new Winter Carnival Parade that will ring in the New Year in style.

The city centre is where the carnival parade will welcome you to sway, stomp and dance your way down to the Quayside. Down by the River Tyne is where the party really gets started though. Celebrate all things rugby with music, performance and dazzling firework displays to light up the Quayside. It might be cold along the Tyne but there will be amazing musicians on hand to keep your feet moving and add to the lively New Year’s Eve atmosphere. The family friendly early evening celebration and the midnight fireworks are commissioned by Newcastle Gateshead Initiative in partnership with Newcastle City Council Arts Team, working with creative director Jeanefer Jean-Charles and produced by award-winning outdoor arts specialists Walk the Plank.


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