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Bad Grandma – Baddie Winkle

April 17th, 2015 11:34 am

Recently you may have seen the use of older women in campaigns for the likes of Celine and YSL, now Baddie Winkle, an 86-year-old grandmother and Instagram sensation, is the newest model for swimwear brand DimePiece L.A.

Posing in daring swimsuits, photo shopping herself in pictures with the likes of Miley Cyrus and videoing herself dancing, she’s known as bad grandma and we just can’t get enough of her Instagram pictures.

The great-grandmother describes herself as the woman who has ‘been stealing your man since 1928′ and shows off in array of poses and variety of colourful clothes including some incredible light up trainers. Captions alongside her hilarious posts include: ‘Why twerk when you can hoola hoop?’ and ‘Pop lock and drop it in.’

With over 785K instagram followers it’s safe to say everyone loves bad grandma.

To look at Baddie Winkle’s Instagram, click here and check out her campaign pictures below.

Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon

April 14th, 2015 5:16 pm

Don’t be fooled by the picture below. What looks like a chameleon balancing carefully on a branch, is in fact two carefully painted female models, cleverly pieced together to create this amazing illusion.

It is the work of Italian artist Johannes Stoetter.   The 37-year-old has previously transformed his models into parrots, snakes, leopards and frogs, but he believes this may be his most intricate and impressive piece to date.

Using water-based body paint on the naked models he created this multicoloured effect, then intertwined and placed the women together to form the shape of a chameleon.  The models then rested on a bench holding a green branch in the air beneath them to finish off the illusion.

Speaking about The Chameleon, he said: ‘I worked about four days to design the motif bigger and paint it with colours.The body painting took me about six hours with the help of an assistant. There are different difficulties on different levels as in every work, but I think that my passion and love to my work is so big, that I figure out a way to deal with difficulties. My main inspirations are nature, my personal life-philosophy, every-day-life and people themselves.’

The models were photographed and videoed quickly which you can see below.

Johannes has developed his painting style and his body painting technique over the last 6 years and has won many awards for his talents, becoming World champion in 2012, Vice World Champion in 2011 and 2014, Italian Champion in 2011 and 2013, winner of the North American Bodypainting Championship, Atlanta, Georgia, USA in 2013 and Winner of the “International Fine Art Bodypainting Award” in 2014.

Today Johannes teaches Bodypainting at the World Bodypainting Academy – at the WBF (World Bodypainting Festival) as well as around the world.

Do Plus Size models Sell more??

March 24th, 2015 4:28 pm

Attention shoppers! Adore me, a New-York based lingerie company has found that plus size brunette models are more likely to sell their underwear than slimmer and blonde models.

Consumer responses to the companies first national advertising TV spot in America in January this year produced some amazing results. The three different TV adverts featured one using blonde models, another brunette models and the third one a plus-size brunette model.  They then applied a common marketing strategy called A/B testing to these adverts. This is where consumers are shown different ads in order to measure their buying habits and preferences.

The result was that the plus-size brunette model generated four times as many sales as the advert featuring blonde models. But more than just the size of the model, they found that hair colour also influenced the sale of their product. They also found the ad that performed best overall featured multiple brunette models, none of whom had actually been photo shopped. All of this going against the normal images that the fashion industry transmit to the public.

“Brunettes overall sell better than blondes… Our customers — and women in general — prefer brunettes when it comes to purchasing lingerie. It’s what we’ve seen,”  said the founder of Adore me Hermand-Waiche. He continued to say “There’s an overall mentality that you have to be super skinny… We are showing that we offer lingerie for everyone. Unlike other leading lingerie brands, Adore Me believes every woman, at every dress size, deserves fashionable lingerie that makes her feel sexy, confident and beautiful. That’s why our styles range from sizes 30A-44G – a size range twice more inclusive than any of our competition.”

“We very proudly feature our stunning plus-size model in many of our campaigns, including our recent national TV ad campaign. We were happy to see that featuring a plus size model in an ad quadrupled sales. The amount and quality of traffic clearly showed that plus size models resonate with women of all sizes and boost sales across the board, and not just in the plus-size line.”

It would seem consumers are becoming a lot savvier, and appear to purchase when they can relate to the model shown in the desired product.  In this case, for the sales of lingerie bigger is better and brunettes may just actually have more fun (or sell more products at least.)


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