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Back In Stock – Silk Crepe de Chine Long Shirt in Butterfly

August 13th, 2014 2:45 pm

Last week Anna was seen rocking her Long butterfly print shirt with a pair of cool ripped jeans. This style has just hit our web store for the final time and has an amazing discount of 70%. Don’t miss out as when it’s gone, it’s gone!

Mirrors me – The illustrated selfies

July 19th, 2014 12:51 pm

Helene Meldahl is a Norwegian student living in Washington D.C. Interning at the Norwegian Embassy; she is also an actor, singer, stand-up comedian and now a mirror illustrator, whose selfies have gone viral.

We all at Anna Scholz love uploading a good selfie, as well as documenting our lives on the App Instagram, but Helene has gone one step ahead, creating stories through illustrating her photos with fun and witty ideas.

“I invent a little stage in the mirror,” Meldahl said in an interview with the website Mashable. Her creative stage layouts include shooting a bow and arrow as Cupid and a screen shot of a game of super Mario.

Each drawing is created with chalk, Posca paint pens or acrylic paint directly on the mirror, without the assistance of any digital programs or apps. She then places herself in the story by using the reflection of the mirror the drawing is on. Helene insists the only app used in the whole process is Instagram, which she uses to upload her masterpieces.

Her mirror messages started as notes for her roommate. “Just writing silly things, and drawing little cartoons for her in the mornings, and you know little glasses, that she could put her face in. I just thought about how it would look with markers in different colors, and so I just went looking for pens to use on mirrors,” said Meldahl.

To see More of Meldahl’s drawings you can view them by clicking this link @mirrorsme .

Things to do this Summer

July 11th, 2014 11:59 am

There are numerous amounts of festivals across the world to suit all music tastes and interests. Here in the UK we have several different festivals over the summer.  Glastonbury was held recently in the South west of England and Hyde park is holding the British Summer Time Festival over the next week with acts such as Neil Young and McBusted playing main stage. Love Supreme Jazz festival was held last weekend with acts De La Soul and Laura Mvula head lining, which our very own Cliff attended.

If camping and music isn’t in your interests there are still plenty of fun things to do. Regents Park hosts the open air Theatre during the summer months with plays such as Twelfth Night and To Kill A Mockingbird. We also have several open air cinemas around London that host cinema nights out in the summer sky hosting films such as Top Gun, Pulp fiction and Grease.

There’s plenty to do to get in the summer festival mood and to dress up in your best casual boho looks.


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