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The New Must-Have Prop!

April 16th, 2013 2:34 pm

Photographer Rankin has taken a break from his illustrious career of portraits of pop culture icons to pursue the publishing side of things. He has launched a fashion and lifestyle magazine called The Hunger, which includes this amazing photo of Crystal Renn (one of Anna’s fave models to have worked with).

We thought our croc from the Spring-Summer 2013 White Label photo shoot in Miami was impressive. But Crystal’s dino kind of puts it to shame!

The loose theme of the latest issue of The Hunger is the new female attitude of women like Crystal Renn and fellow model Coco Rochas, as well as actress Juno Temple and singer Rita Ora. “These women have control of their careers in a way I hadn’t seen before,” says Rankin. “They follow their instinct, do what they want creatively. … I think this has a lot to do with social media. Talking to fans and experiencing their direct support gives these women confidence in their voices. It’s the first generation which has always had access to the internet and so, ultimately, to knowledge. Not to wisdom, but definitely to knowledge. These people have grown up with worldwide communication, and their landscape is international.”

Crystal’s Diverse Ambitions

April 11th, 2013 10:09 am

Crystal Renn can be seen glamming up the pages of Net-A-Porter’s digital magazine in a recent shoot. Currently a size 8, Renn lost many of her curvy fans as she lost weight. But she remains one of Anna’s favourite models to have worked with in the past, and we are always interested to see what she’s doing.

Since losing weight, Crystal has found success as a straight-size model, and has headlined campaigns for companies including Jimmy Choo and Agent Provocateur.

But she also has a few other ambitions in life in addition to modelling. “Photography, creative directing, styling, acting… I would never commit to just one,” she says. “A big goal for me is to design a fashion line with body diversity in mind,” she adds.

Crystal says that she is currently happy with the way she looks. In previous interviews she has revealed, “I don’t let my body dictate whether I’m happy or not. The goal is to go live, and worry about the rest later.”

In fact, Crystal general attitude toward life is, “I’ve always believed that anything is possible. Maybe that’s my secret.” We think that philosophy will serve her well in whatever she turns her talents to.

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Crystal Goes Under the Knife?

December 3rd, 2010 6:19 pm

Tom Ford did an interesting “plastic surgery” editorial for the December/ January issue of French Vogue, which features the beautiful Crystal Renn as the recipient of a faux facelift!

Crystal told Fashonista, “What I enjoy most about my job is the opportunity to express myself, often doing this by becoming a sort of character on the shoots that I do, and every time I work with Carine [Roitfeld, French Vogue editor-in-chief] I feel the character approach is emphasized. When they were taking the cast of my face, fitting me for prosthetic cheeks and lips, I remember thinking this is why I do my job, for moments like this. After the shoot I took that very mask and asked Tom to sign it, it sits in my living room as we speak.”

It is definitely a transformation. She looks more Janice Dickinson than Janice Dickinson! What do you think of the spread?

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