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Our guide to the top 10 Plus size models to watch out for in 2015

March 10th, 2015 4:11 pm

The last few years we have seen the Plus size industry grow from strength to strength. Plus size models have made a huge impact on the industry on and off the catwalk. These models can now be found on the covers of Vogue Italia, on the catwalks of New York Fashion week, and in the image below you may spot some familiar faces that Anna has recently shot her collections on. Anna’s selected her top 10 models who she feels are going beyond the pictures and making a difference elsewhere in 2015.

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Let’s get physical with ALDA

January 28th, 2015 4:55 pm

When Ford Models took the decision to close its plus size division in the Summer of 2013, five of its former models decided to get together and form a collaboration to represent and show beauty without barriers.

In a very short period of time, the group have made waves (literally) in the industry , naming themselves the appropriate ALDA (which means “wave” in Icelandic.) Co-founders Ashley Graham, Inga Eiriksdottir, Julie Henderson, Marquita Pring, and Danielle Redman say they’re staying “ahead of the curve by embracing their curves.”  Since ALDA formed, not only have the models signed to the IMG model agency, but they have been sent to regular-size castings on numerous occasions. Three of the models appeared in the ground breaking VOGUE shoot from 2014. Ashley Graham has appeared on the cover of Elle Quebec and all of the women are continuing to pave the way for plus models everywhere.

The February issue of BUST magazine stars all five models in a photo shoot that can only be described as refreshing and inspiring. The 10-page “Let’s Get Physical” editorial is full of the gorgeous plus-size models being active and exuding confidence and body positivity.  Graham says, “What ALDA wants to do is change the perception of what beauty is, whether that’s a different age, a different race, or a different size. Changing what’s going on in fashion is going to end up changing the world.”

All bodies are different and it’s pretty amazing to see how that is represented in the pages of a magazine like BUST. It’s wonderfully encouraging to see such strong women use their bodies and minds to influence how other women see themselves, and maybe , just maybe they are even changing the way the media perceive women’s body shapes ??

All Straights and No Curves Make Fashion a Dull World

May 27th, 2011 11:18 am

Fashionista recently published some lovely photos from the new promotional book put out by Ford+, the plus size division of the Ford modeling agency. The models of Ford+ are anywhere from a US size 8 to 18 (UK 12 to 22). The images are slick and high-fashion and, as Leah Chernikoff of Fashionista rightly observes, hopefully represent a trend toward incorporating curvier models into the world of mainstream fashion, beyond the pages of catalogues.

(left to right) Michelle Olson, Inga Eiriksdottir, Leah Kelley, McKenzie Raley

Gary Dakin, who has headed Ford’s plus division for the last 13 years, says that there have been great changes in the plus size model market during his career.  “There are better clients, jobs, photographers, rates, etc.,” says Dakin. “The girls have evolved too…they are challenged now more than ever to be better and they challenge the industry right back.”

Some models, however, still wish that they didn’t have to be labeled as “plus.” Not that they are ashamed of their bodies, but as rising star Marquita Pring says, they feel “the term ‘plus size’ has a negative connotation.” She prefers the term “curvy.”

Marquita was recently featured on Vogue Italia’s website as “a new star in the curvy universe” and walked in Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2011 runway show.

Marquita Pring

“I hate to be categorized. I am a model,” Marquita told Fashionista. “I do many of the same jobs as others models regardless of their size, race, or gender. I don’t feel a need to specify my size when telling people about my job. … Personally, I wouldn’t even refer to a woman who’s a size 26 as ‘plus size.’ I find it interesting that if ever I do refer to myself as ‘plus size’ when describing what I do for a living people always have the same reaction. ‘WHAT!?! OH MY GOODNESS I WOULD NEVER CONSIDER YOU PLUS SIZE!!!’ And I always agree with them. I’m proud to set an example for women of all sizes as a bigger curvier model, and I’m so thankful to get letters from women of all sizes thanking me for promoting a more realistic healthy image. As for the word ‘curvy’ I see nothing wrong with it. I don’t need to stress it as my title but I am a curvy, voluptuous, sexy woman and I think the word ‘curvy’ relays a much more positive image. You can be a size 4 or 14 and be considered ‘curvy.’

What do you think about the terms “plus size” vs “curvy”?


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