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July Customer Photo Contestant: Tanja Garbers

July 25th, 2014 4:40 pm

‘I’ve just made a selfie on my way going shopping wearing my new Anna Scholz Contrast Half Circle Tunic. Isn’t it just the perfect outfit?’

Customers: we invite you to submit your photos now for the photo contest for July . E-mail us snaps of you in your favourite Anna Scholz looks to for publication on our blog, and you’ll be entered to win a £100 online shopping voucher. Whether you’re out on the town or just hanging out, we’d love to see how you lend your personal flavour to Anna’s clothes.

Mirrors me – The illustrated selfies

July 19th, 2014 12:51 pm

Helene Meldahl is a Norwegian student living in Washington D.C. Interning at the Norwegian Embassy; she is also an actor, singer, stand-up comedian and now a mirror illustrator, whose selfies have gone viral.

We all at Anna Scholz love uploading a good selfie, as well as documenting our lives on the App Instagram, but Helene has gone one step ahead, creating stories through illustrating her photos with fun and witty ideas.

“I invent a little stage in the mirror,” Meldahl said in an interview with the website Mashable. Her creative stage layouts include shooting a bow and arrow as Cupid and a screen shot of a game of super Mario.

Each drawing is created with chalk, Posca paint pens or acrylic paint directly on the mirror, without the assistance of any digital programs or apps. She then places herself in the story by using the reflection of the mirror the drawing is on. Helene insists the only app used in the whole process is Instagram, which she uses to upload her masterpieces.

Her mirror messages started as notes for her roommate. “Just writing silly things, and drawing little cartoons for her in the mornings, and you know little glasses, that she could put her face in. I just thought about how it would look with markers in different colors, and so I just went looking for pens to use on mirrors,” said Meldahl.

To see More of Meldahl’s drawings you can view them by clicking this link @mirrorsme .


July 15th, 2014 4:48 pm

We’re really thrilled to announce the launch of Anna’s very first collection collaboration with the German brand Sheego.

‘ANNA SCHOLZ for SHEEGO ‘ was unveiled at the ‘ Curvy is Sexy ‘ show during last week’s Berlin Fashion Week.  A full house of press , bloggers , camera crews and local fashionista’s, as well as a few dignitaries [ including a very proud Anna’s mum ] were present to see the collection in the flesh and on the catwalk for the very first time.

The amazing Laura Wells can be seen modelling some of the new styles in these just released official images. She was joined on the catwalk by the celebrity model Hayley Hasselhoff.

The reaction from the audience was fantastic, everyone loved the collection and there was almost as much clapping , cheering and whistling as the night before when Germany beat Brazil in the World Cup [ Berlin was a great place to be last week ]

Anna loved developing this new range, offering her unique signature style and prints  for a whole new audience to love.  Amongst the pieces that were shown on the catwalk that night were an amazing fire print pleat dress and a magical star print tunic, not forgetting Anna’s favourite , the gorgeous Leopard print maxi dress.

The first five pieces from the collection have now been officially launched  on the Sheego website and you can purchase these items by clicking here.

Check out our Facebook here to watch videos from the show.


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